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Aug. 16th

Blue and Gold & DJ's Fundraiser Sale Begins

Aug 17th

FFA Back to School Ice Cream Social/Chapter Meeting @ 6:30PM

Sept. 5th

FFA Chapter Meeting @ 6:30PM

Sept. 7-10th

Grant County Fall Fair - Pond Creek

Sept. 12th

Deadline to order FFA Jackets

Sept. 15th

FFA Chapter Officers - Agtropolis @ OKC State Fair from 8:30AM-1PM

Sept. 21st

Fundraiser money and orders DUE

Sept 26th

COLT Conference for FFA Chapter Officers in Enid

Sept 28th-Oct. 8th

Tulsa State Fair

Oct. 10th

Greenhand quiz and Jr. Opening Ceremony Contest

Oct. 17th

PI Greenhand Quiz Event

Oct. 24th

FFA Halloween Party @ 6:30PM

Oct. 31st

Greenhand Quiz and Opening Ceremony State Final in Stillwater

Nov. 7th

FFA Chapter Meeting @ 6:30PM

Nov. 9th

NW District AFR Speech Contest

Nov. 14th

FFA Movie Night @ 6:30PM

Dec. 2nd

Booster Club Pheasant Hunt

Dec. 5th

FFA Chapter Meeting @ 6:30PM

Dec. 7th

FFA Christmas Party @ 6:30 PM

Dec. 9-10th


Jan. 9th

FFA Chapter Meeting @ 6:30PM

Jan. 24th

NOC Interscholastic @ Tonkawa

Feb. 1st

FFA Chapter Meeting @ 6:30 PM

Feb. 19-23rd

National FFA Week

Feb. 20th

FFA day @ the Capitol

Mar. 1st

FFA Chapter Meeting @ 6:30PM

Mar. 6-16th

Oklahoma Youth Expo

Mar. 27th

North Western Interscholastic in Alva

Mar. 31st

Eastern Interscholastic in Willberton

Apr. 3rd

Murray Interscholastic in Tishonmingo

Apr. 5th

Connors State Interscholastic in Warner

Apr. 11th

Cameron Interscholastic in Lawton

Apr. 17th

Redland Interscholastic in El Reno

Apr. 27-28th

State FFA Interscholastic in Stillwater

May 1-2nd

State FFA Convention